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Nutmeg Afghan Hound Club, Inc.

Nutmeg Afghan Hound Club, Inc.

First and Foremost for the Betterment of the Breed


Based in Connecticut, the Nutmeg Afghan Hound Club is recognized as one of the foremost Afghan Hound clubs in the country.

Our activities include:
  • Specialty Shows
  • Lure Coursing Trials
  • Afghan Hound Rescue
  • Public Awareness & Responsible Dog Ownership
Thank you for your interest in Nutmeg and for loving the Afghan Hound.

Summer Splash 2017
June 16 - 18

Friday-----Afghan Hound Assoc. Of Long Island
Sweeps: Celia Hoffman; Regular: Kristofer Kelso
Saturday---Colonial Afghan Hound Club
Show#1: Sweeps: John Oyervides (Xebec)
Regular: Luis F. Sosa (Bandog)
Show#2: Sweeps: Bonnie Witmeyer (Vendikhar)
Regular: Deric D. Aube (Zbee)
Sunday-----Nutmeg Afghan Hound Club
Sweeps: Deb Coudriet; Regular: June Leitch (Scotland)

Showcase For Dogs
121 North Road
East Windsor, CT

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